8 04, 2020

10 Ways you can keep your home more organized


10 Ways you can keep your home more organized Have you ever looked at a magazine for a home goods store and wondered “how do they get these homes so organized?” Well, you’re not alone. It seems like it is the American way to always want to be better and that includes finding better ways to maximize home space with proper organization. So, what do we do with all of our excesses? Our homes are full of sentimental belongings we could never imagine getting rid of but it’s not like our walls suddenly expand when we have more stuff accumulating! To fight clutter we must find fun, modern, and decorative ways to organize here are 10 different ways: 1. Figure out where [...]

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6 04, 2020

Should you buy a robot vacuum?


Should you buy A robot vacuum? What Are Robot Vacuums? Robot vacuums clean up no more or less dirt than another really good handheld vacuum would, so what exactly is the hype? Well, it is important to remember that these robots are designed to clean all sorts of surfaces, including carpet, tile, hardwood floors, and more. The main benefit of a robot vacuum cleaning your floors is the amount of work you no longer have to do to ensure the floors are clean. Robot vacuums allow those of us who try to juggle six different events and 10 different items all at once to worry about one less thing. Here are 10 benefits of Robot Vacuums. Do you Need One? 1. [...]

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4 04, 2020

Best vacuum cleaners you can buy today


Best vacuum cleaners you can buy today Vacuum cleaner prices range anywhere from $50 to 2,000 dollars these days and with such a pendulum swing, how do you know which one you need? It is important to always remember the style of your home, the number of people in your home, and the type of dirt that accumulates in your home (i.e. mud, dirt, animal messes, young children, etc.). Vacuums are your trusty sidekicks in any situation, big or small, and it is important to have a sidekick that is there through it all. Each style of vacuum has its pros and it's cons depending on what your needs and wants are. Below are reviews of the best five vacuums according to customer reviews! [...]

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2 04, 2020

10 Biggest Cleaning Mistakes you might be making


10 Biggest Cleaning Mistakes you might be making We all make mistakes, even when we think we have everything under control, and that includes cleaning our house. There are common mistakes we all make because we’re tired, stressed, on autopilot, or simply used to doing the same thing. Here are areas you can improve on when it comes to cleaning your space: 1. Over-loading the dishwasher Yes! This is a thing, I know, for some of us that can be a shocker. Stacking your plates into a dishwasher can be a bit like adult Tetris but when you put too many utensils, bowls, cups, mugs, and plates into a small space, all covered in food, the chances the dishes are getting properly cleaned [...]

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