10 Biggest Cleaning

Mistakes you might be making

This image shows a man using a vacuum to clean a carpet

We all make mistakes, even when we think we have everything under control, and that includes cleaning our house. There are common mistakes we all make because we’re tired, stressed, on autopilot, or simply used to doing the same thing. Here are areas you can improve on when it comes to cleaning your space:

1. Over-loading the dishwasher

Yes! This is a thing, I know, for some of us that can be a shocker. Stacking your plates into a dishwasher can be a bit like adult Tetris but when you put too many utensils, bowls, cups, mugs, and plates into a small space, all covered in food, the chances the dishes are getting properly cleaned are slim. The soap and water in your dishwasher need enough space in between the dishes to clean off the food on your plates but that cannot happen if they are piled on top of one another.

2. Neglecting the commonly used areas

I don’t mean wiping down the counter or bookshelf that you never touch, I mean the faucets, doorknobs, handles, and more. Those areas are ones that you touch regularly and that means they have the most germs. Don’t forget the smaller areas, wipe them down, and avoid bacterial growth in even the smallest places.

3. Ignoring the coffee pot

Yes, this is a thing, you need to clean the pot. Guess what? Hot moist and secluded places are heaven for some bacteria and different types of mold. It is important to wash your coffee pot daily to avoid any health concerns.

4. Reusing the same rag during one cleaning cycle

I know sometimes we can get carried away when we’re wiping down our entire apartment or house, but it is important to always remember to switch out the rag! Do not use the same rag you used in your bathroom on your kitchen counter or the kitchen counter rag on your bedroom surfaces! This action spreads more germs, cleaning becomes less effective, your surfaces may look clean but are dirtier than before.

5. Feather dusters have to go

You saw right, the feather duster is not dusting, it is spreading the dust. Use a cloth that has microfibers that will pick dust-up and remove it from your home not just spread it onto different surfaces.