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We all love how comfortable and warm carpet can make a room feel but we also know that carpet can become filthy very easy. No matter how hard you try, your carpet will always become dirty and sometimes we just don’t know why. But what we do know is that a clean carpet has much more to offer than just looks!

With Zerorez, you can unlock the potential of your carpet that no other carpet cleaner in Las Vegas can provide! We use a 100 percent eco-friendly cleaning solution that results will leave you speechless. Want to know what our team of technicians can do for you? You will find everything that you need to know down below!

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    Why You Should Have Your

    Carpet Cleaned With Zerorez

    Compared to the other guys, Zerorez doesn’t use those nasty and unsafe chemicals and soaps that never come out of your carpet completely and act as a dirt magnet, making your carpet dirtier the next time around. Ready to see the Zerorez difference? Down below, you will find the benefits of using Zerorez as your carpet cleaning techs!

    Dry Clean

    Improved Airflow

    What most people don’t know about a dirty carpet is that it can impede the airflow of your home, making it harder to breathe in some areas and even making it harder to keep cool in the summer. Our Powered Water can pull all of the dirt and soil out of your carpet, drastically improving the airflow and air quality of your home.

    Allergen Decontamination

    Just like dirt and soil, your carpet could be housing dozens of contaminants that the wind blows into your home, comes in through an open window or you bring in on the bottom of your shoes! With our green cleaning methods, we can pull those contaminates from the deepest parts of your carpet, reducing allergic reactions and asthma.

    No Residue

    No Residue

    Unlike the other guys that use harsh soaps and detergents to clean your carpet, we use Powered Water. Those soaps and detergents will leave a residue on your carpet that will act like a dirt magnet, only making your carpet dirtier as time goes on. Our Powered Water leaves no residue behind, resulting in a comfortable carpet that isn’t stiff.

    Family Friendly Cleaner

    Family Friendly Cleaners

    We know that the safety of your family is your biggest priority so it was one of ours when we first started. With our Powered Water systems, we can clean better than soaps and detergents without the harmful residues they leave behind. Our Powered Water is so safe, you could drink it right out of the truck as it is just electrolyzed and oxidized water!

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    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Cleaning Steam

    Our Carpet Protectors

    When we clean your carpet, we want to make sure it stays clean so we offer the service of carpet protectants and depending on the carpet you have, we can even use the factory rated protectant for your carpet!

    We know that sometimes accidents happen and with a carpet protector, you can protect your carpet’s fibers from any stains that may come it’s way and also make it easier to clean up any spills on your carpet.


    Extraction- Now we use our award-winning, Platinum Rated truck-mounted extractors to remove all of our powered water from your carpet, leaving behind a like-new finish.

    Dry- We then use our High Volume Air Mover in strategic locations which can reduce dry time by up to 2 hours in only 15 minutes!

    Zerorez Las Vegas

    Carpet Cleaning Process

    Here at Zerorez, we use patented technology to bring your carpet back to a like-new condition without all of the harsh chemicals and soaps the other guys need. Down below, you will find out why:

    Inspection- We start by doing a walkthrough with you so we know just how badly your carpet is. Our technician will go through all of the options you have and what they see as necessary to properly clean your carpet and give you a price.

    Application- We always start with a proprietary application of our Powered Water that will lift any trapped dirt and soil out of your carpet. We then agitate the Powered Water gently with scrubbers to make sure we get all of the dirt out.


    Find Your Answers Below

    Do you have some questions about our carpet cleaning service? Before you make the call, take a look at some of the most common questions we receive and our answers!

    Do You Offer A Warranty?

    Yes, we do! We want to give all of our clients that extra peace of mind that the other guys don’t in Las Vegas. So that is why we enforce a 30-day guarantee called the Gotta Love It Guarantee! If you notice any stains that come back or have an area that you are unsatisfied with, we will come back within 30 days and give it a clean for free! But if you decline any additional services or technician deems as absolutely necessary, we may void the warranty.

    How Should I Prepare For My Appointment With Zerorez?

    When it comes to how you should prepare for your appointment, we don’t ask much. All that we ask is that you perform a light vacuuming in the room to remove any larger debris. We also ask that you move any furniture out of the room that you want cleaned under so we can clean the entire room. Finally, leave us a parking space near your home, our hoses can only reach so far.

    How Often Should I Professionally Clean My Carpet?

    When it comes to how often you should have your carpet cleaned, it comes down to personal preference in most cases. But if you want your home’s carpets to maintain that like-new appearance and stay in warranty, it is recommended that you clean your carpet at least 2 times a year. This is why so many homeowners have gone to spring and autumn cleaning schedule. If your home has pets or small children you might need to go to a 2 times a year schedule.

    How Long Will My Carpet Take To Dry?

    When you choose one of the other carpet cleaners in Las Vegas, they use soaps and detergents to clean your carpets. With the use of soaps and chemicals, they require plenty of water to get out; even though they never get all of the soap out, which will lead to a soaked carpet, resulting in a dry time of up to 12 hours! Here at Zerorez, you can expect your carpet to be dry in as little 4 hours thanks to our patented Powered Water technology.


    Our Raving Las Vegas Fans

    The key to our patented cleaning system is Powered Water.® This electrically treated water allows us to clean with zero residue. No more will you get stiff, crunchy, and sticky residue laden carpets. Instead, your floors will get revitalized to like new, condition – bright, fluffy, and soft.