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As we all know, a room just wouldn’t be complete without upholstery. From our sofas to our window shades, our rooms are full of fabric. As time goes on, your upholstery will, unfortunately, become stained, saturated with dust and will need to be cleaned properly to bring it back to a like-new appearance. Where other guys will use harsh chemicals to clean your fabrics that will leave a nasty residue and over time will eat away at them.

That’s where we come in, with our green cleaning methods, Powered Water. With powered water, we can get out years of dirt and wipe away almost any stain with our normal service. Ready to see what we can do for our neighbors in Las Vegas and surrounding areas? Take a look down below!

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    When you choose Zerorez as your upholstery cleaning contractors, you will have benefits at your disposal that no other cleaners can provide in the Valley. With industry-changing cleaners are patent-pending truck-mounted equipment, our team can provide better results than the other guys! DOwn below, you will find what you stand to gain by using Zerorez!

    No Residue

    No Residue

    Where other guys will use harsh chemicals that advertise safe cleaning, they leave nasty and sticky residues that act like a dirt magnet, attracting dirt that will make your upholstery dirtier, faster. With our Powered Water, there are no residues making your upholstery look cleaner longer and will be more comfortable to use.

    Green, Family Friendly Cleaners

    Green, Family Friendly Cleaners

    We are a strong believer in family-friendly cleaners and with our Powered Water, you get exactly that. Our Powered Water is the safest and cleanest form of cleaning products. It is so safe that you could drink it straight from the truck! When we are done, you won’t have to worry about pets or small children getting sick from our product.