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Here at Zerorez, we know how hard it can be to look at tile and grout that isn’t the same color you originally bought it but we also know just how hard it can be to get down and clean your tile. Most of the time, cleaning tile yourself just isn’t enough to get the job done and can leave you distraught.

Don’t worry, Zerorez is here to take care of all your tile and grout woes! We have industry-changing cleaning methods paired with the experience to get your tile and grout back to a like-new appearance. With our patented Powered Water solutions, you will see your tile like ever before, perfectly clean! Ready to see the Zerorez difference? You can find it down below!

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    The Benefits Of

    Powered Water Cleaning

    With our Powered Water solutions, you stand to gain some benefits that no other cleaner or cleaning solution are able to provide. From a family-friendly finish to less maintenance on your end, you can find the best benefits of having your tile and grout professionally cleaned by Zerorez down below!

    Green And Family Friendly

    Green And Family Friendly

    Because we don’t use the harsh chemicals the other guys use, our systems are completely safe for both your family and your pets to the environment. That means when we leave your home, your tile and grout will be safe for your children and or pets to use without having to worry about them getting sick.

    Less Maintenance

    Less Maintenance

    When you use harsh chemicals as your main cleaning source, you are inevitably going to make your tile and grout dirtier the next time around. This is because these chemicals leave a fine residue on your tile and act as a dirt magnet. With our powered water solutions, there will be no residue meaning a cleaner surface, longer!