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Are you looking for a company that can clean your carpets, air ducts or any hard surface in your home? Well, unfortunately, a lot of the other companies will look to the assistance from harsh chemicals and soaps that are both unfriendly to the environment and can be unsafe for your family as they never get all of the chemicals out.

If you want peace of mind when it comes to professional cleaning, look no further than Zerorez Henderson! Our team only uses our patented Powered Water cleaners that are safe enough to drink! Want to know what Zerorez can do for you? Down below, you will find a couple of our most popular services and how they can benefit you farther than just a better appearance.

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    Professional And Green Cleaning Services

    Here at Zerorez, we are much more than just your average carpet cleaners! Our team has been trained to deal with any dirty area of your home from up in your air ducts down to your upholstery. With Powered Water at our disposal, there isn’t a thing we can’t get clean and you can find some of our services down below.

    Carpet cleaning companies

    Carpet Cleaning

    Zerorez carpet cleaning is the best option for both residential and commercial carpets with better finished projects than the guys that use soaps and detergents to clean. We are one of the highest in customer satisfaction for a reason and its because we will work with you to identify the problems in your carpet to find the solution that fits your needs and your budget.

    air duct cleaning

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Henderson has an air quality score of 54 from the EPA and with 58 being the United States average, air quality in the Valley leaves much to be desired. Poor air quality is on the top 5 list of threats that Americans face and it all leads back to your ductwork. We have specialized cameras to show you what’s inside your vents and a 15,000 CFM vacuum to get it all out!

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    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    We all know just how unrewarding cleaning your tile and grout can be. Even with a powerful cleaner and constant mopping, your grout can absorb stains from the cleaning process. Here at Zerorez, we use our Powered Water to break down years of stains to bring back the life to your grout and tile and then we suck it up with a powerful extractor to make sure no stains make their way back into your fresh grout lines.

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    Upholstery Cleaning

    With over 30% of Americans looking toward the couch instead of the dinner table to eat dinner, it’s no wonder that our sofas are so stained! Here at Zerorez, we do all of our upholstery cleaning on-site so there will be no drop-off and pick up you have to wait for. We can clean sofa cushions, drapes and even area rugs with our Powered Water, giving them a cleaner appearance and a faster dry time.

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    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Carpet cleaning companies

    Our Patented Powered Water

    Unlike the soaps and detergents that the other guys use, we look to the power of Mother Nature to craft our Powered and Empowered Water cleaning solutions. One of the main advantages of using Powered Water is that they don’t leave behind those nasty residues that other cleaning methods leave behind.

    Those residues will act as a dust magnet, resulting in a dirtier surface the next time around. Along with our no residue promise, surfaces cleaned with our Powered Water systems are often brighter, more comfortable and easier to maintain without the need for professional assistance.

    Carpet cleaning near me

    Dry- Because we don’t use harsh soaps and detergents the other carpet cleaners use, our cleaners take a much shorter time to dry. You can expect your carpet to be dry in as little as 2-4 hours!

    Zerorez Henderson

    Carpet Cleaning Process

    Want to know the process we use to get your carpets spotless? Well down below, you will find the guidelines that our technicians use to clean your carpets:

    Inspection- Our technician will start by walking through the areas you want to be cleaned with you, identify any problem areas that may need additional services and even give you a free demonstration of what you can expect.

    Application- We always start with our Powered Water to break down any trapped soils, dirt and allergens to clean your carpet from the bottom up, not top-down.

    Extraction- After some light agitation to break free any stains or particles, we extract our solutions with our Platinum Rated truck-mounted equipment, resulting in a brighter, safer and longer-lasting clean than the other guys can offer.


    Answers To Frequent Questions

    Have a few questions about our services? Down below, you can find some of the most common questions we receive and their answers!

    How Should I Prepare For My Appointment With Zerorez?

    We don’t ask for much here at Zerorez but there are some guidelines that you can follow to make the process as seamless and fast as possible. First of all, we ask that you clean the area that we are going to be working in, so a vacuum for carpet or a simple wipe down for tile and grout. We also ask that you clear any valuables, delicates or furniture that could be in our way before we arrive. Finally, leave us a parking space near the entry point of your home, we only have so much hose!

    How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

    When it comes to how often you should have your carpets cleaned, it comes down to preference, how much traffic your carpet sees, and what the carpet is used for. For the average home, it is recommended that your carpet is professionally cleaned at least 2 times a year. This is why so many home and commercial business owners have their carpet cleaned in Spring and Autumn, keeping the setting smelling fresh and your carpet in warranty.

    Do You Offer Pet Odor Treatments?

    We offer pet odor treatments for both carpet and upholstery. We know that sometimes accidents happen and pet spots just can’t be avoided. But, we work to get the stains and odors out of your carpet, not just mask them. We use our Powered Water and powerful extraction equipment to pull the odors from the source, the underlying carpet padding. To show you just how big of a difference Zerorez can make, we offer a demonstration in your home!

    Is Powered Water Safe On All Fabrics?

    Yes! Our Powered Water solutions don’t have any chemical products in its composure, making it safe to use on all types of fabric. Our team is also specially trained to handle any fabric from inspection to repairs needed on area rugs that you want to keep forever. With Platinum Rated truck-mounted equipment, we can guarantee that we can get any fabric clean without you having to worry about the chemical breakdown or degradation of your upholstery.


    Our Raving Las Vegas Fans

    The key to our professional cleaning solutions is our Powered Water, a cleaner that harnesses the power of Mother Nature to clean safer and better than the soaps and detergents the other guys use. Want more information on what we can offer? Take a look at our home page for all the information you need to know.