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Pet Odor Treatments

Here at Zerorez, our number 1 customer complaint is pet odor and stains. We love our furry companions but sometimes they can wreak havoc on our carpet! Where the other guys will say they can get your carpet clean, they only get out the problem out from the top, the stains. Not only do they not address the entire problem, but they also leave sticky and harmful residues on your carpet!

But that is where Zerorez comes in to save the day! Our cleaning processes reverse what the other guys do, we work from the bottom up to get the smelly pet odors out of the carpets padding where the real problems lie. Want to know what separates Zerorez from the other guys? You can find out down below.

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    The Zerorez Difference

    The Las Vegas Authority In Green Carpet Cleaning

    Zerorez will never use the traditional soaps and detergents that the other guys use, we would much rather harness the power of Mother Nature to provide a cleaner and safer carpet for all of our clients. Ready to see the Zerorez difference? You can find what we are about down below:

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    Green Cleaning Solutions

    What separates us from the other guys or Residudes in Las Vegas is that we care about the health of your family. That is why we never use soaps or detergents that leave behind a residue that can get your pets or children sick. We only use cleaners based around our Powered Water systems which leave zero residues and are completely family-friendly.

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    Kill Bacteria

    What most people don’t know about pet urine and fecal matter is that it inhibits the growth of harmful materials deep in your carpet. With our deep cleaning services, not only will we remove the harmful bacteria, we can stop the growth of the bacteria by fully removing the harmful materials altogether. From removing these harmful bacteria, your home could see a major improvement in air quality and easier breathing.

    True Deep Cleaning

    We know how other carpet cleaners work in Las Vegas, they only remove the stains on the carpet but they never really take care of the source of the stains. With our cleaning solutions and industry-exclusive truck-mounted equipment, we can effectively pull all pet odors and stains from the source, the padding underneath your carpet. By pulling contamination from the padding, we can effectively remove most odor and more stains than traditional carpet cleaning.

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    Keeping Your Carpet Protected

    We know that sometimes accidents happen, there is no such thing as a perfect pet. From potty training puppies to older dogs that can’t hold it, we know that a perfect carpet isn’t always an option, but there is a way to keep your carpet protected. With one of our carpet protectors, you can have peace of mind knowing that your carpet won’t become damaged and making it easier to clean any stain that happens when cleaned asap.

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    Carpet Cleaning Services

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    Technicians You Can Trust!

    If you are tired of getting the runaround from other carpet cleaning technicians in Las Vegas, you can count on Zerorez to get your carpet clean with eco and family-friendly solutions. Our team is required to pass a 15-page technical exam before being allowed to go out on the field alone.

    We also require a tedious background check so no DUIs or criminal records and very strict enforcement on our uniform codes and company guidelines so you feel comfortable with our team in your home or business. Our team of technicians is also licensed, bonded and insured to give you peace of mind.

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    The Process Of

    Pet Odor Treatments

    In most cases, pet spots require a full carpet cleaning with a few extra additives and some elbow grease. Down below, you will find the steps we take to make sure your carpet is as clean as possible.

    Inspection- Our team of technicians are specially trained to identify any problem areas that may be affected by pet contamination. After we are aware of the problem areas, we will talk to you about your options. For example, we are going over the basic pet odor treatment routine.

    Pretreatment- Here at Zerorez, we have developed an eco and family-friendly treatment that won’t get your pets sick. We start by pouring the material over problem areas to allow the cleaner to neutralize any odors or stains.

    Extraction- We have specialized equipment that we use to extract our cleaning agents straight out of the backing of the carpet, resulting in a deeper clean and freshen smell in the long term than you would from chemicals or soaps.

    Protect- We know that sometimes accidents happen so we offer the service of concrete protectants that will make cleanup of any additional pet contamination easier to clean, just make sure to clean the accident ASAP.


    Find Your Answers Below

    Want a couple of questions answered before you give us a call? Down below, you will find the most common questions our past clients have asked!

    Will Pet Odor Treated Areas Take Longer To Dry?

    Depending on the severity of your pet odor treatment, your carpet may take longer to dry. If your pet odor woes are treated with our simple powered water treatment, you can expect the average dry time. But, if you have a severe case, talk with your Zerorez technician, they will be more than happy to help you sort out any questions you may have.

    When Should I Evaluate The Impact Of The Pet Treatment?

    Odors will be most prominent during the treatment itself and during dry time. But to fully analyze how the pet treatment has impacted the odors, allow at least 24-48 hours. Tell your technician about the severity of your pet stains or odors before we start, we are more than happy to talk over some options with you and what to expect from our services.

    How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned?

    We know that accidents happen and sometimes your carpet may be exposed to conditions that other floors are not. But in terms of how often you should have your carpet professionally cleaned, you should count on calling us back every year to keep your carpet clean. Thanks to our patent-pending Powered Water cleaning service, your carpet can stay cleaner longer than traditional carpet cleaning services that use soaps and detergents. If pet odors or accidents are a normal risk in your home, cleaning may be required more often and a carpet protector may be a service you need to help keep your carpet in warranty.

    Do You Offer A Guarantee?

    Here at Zerorez, we offer a strong warranty that we like to call the Gotta Love It Guarantee! If there are any areas that you are unsatisfied with, we will gladly come back and reclean the affected areas with a 30-day timespan. Though if you decline any services our technician recommends as necessary, the guarantee will be void but in most cases, our standard carpet cleaning may be enough to get the job done.


    Our Raving Las Vegas Fans

    The key to our patented cleaning system is Powered Water.® This electrically treated water allows us to clean with zero residue. No more will you get stiff, crunchy, and sticky residue laden carpets. Instead, your floors will get revitalized to like new, condition – bright, fluffy, and soft.