How Pets Change

The Way You Need To Clean

This image shows a cat on the sofa.

Our pets are just members of the family that were introduced later in life. Pets bring so much love, excitement, entertainment, and overall joy into our lives. When you have a pet, whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit, or hedgehog, it is important to learn how to clean.

Here are some quick ways to keep your home clean when you have pets!

  • Keep Their Hair Away

    • Vacuum cleaners are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity! It is important to have a god vacuum cleaner with an appropriate filter and one that is easily maneuvered into hard to reach places.
    • Regular grooming is not a joke! Grooming keeps your pets healthy and your home free of unnecessary shedding. Don’t misunderstand, shedding will happen, but grooming reduces the amount of hair you’re consistently cleaning.
  • Urine Removal

    • Training a pet to use their litter box, go outside, or go to their peed pad can be difficult; however, no matter how much you love your animal, you never want your home to smell like urine. Always aim to clean up accidents as quickly as they happen so they are not absorbed into your floors or furniture. For accidents that occur when you’re not home, be sure to neutralize the uric acid with products that are specific to your pet.
  • Regularly Clean Linens

    • Clean your dog’s beds, your couch, your bed sheets, your rugs, litter boxes, and cages. Staying consistent with cleaning areas where hair accumulates or where your animal spends the most time can be beneficial to keeping a clean environment. Having an animal means more consistent cleaning even when things seem clean
  • Keep the Air Moving

    • When you get used to your own pets’ odor, the little things don’t bother you, like their smell on every inch of your home; however, family guests and visitors will certainly take offense to strong odors brought on by your beloved animal. Be sure to choose appropriate air fresheners that help remove pet odors and not just mask them.
  • Reduce the Amount of Time Between Deep Cleans

    • Although it will take time, make it a routine to clean more often. Having animals means having to invest more time in keeping it orderly and hygienic. Don’t wait too long between cleans because smells, bacteria, and stains grow quickly.

When you have an animal in your home the most important thing to do is to clean regularly. Clean your home and your animals to help reduce unwanted smells, accumulation of fur on your surfaces, and pests like fleas and ticks.