10 Ways you can keep

your home more organized

This image shows a kitchen.

Have you ever looked at a magazine for a home goods store and wondered “how do they get these homes so organized?” Well, you’re not alone. It seems like it is the American way to always want to be better and that includes finding better ways to maximize home space with proper organization.
So, what do we do with all of our excesses? Our homes are full of sentimental belongings we could never imagine getting rid of but it’s not like our walls suddenly expand when we have more stuff accumulating! To fight clutter we must find fun, modern, and decorative ways to organize here are 10 different ways:

1. Figure out where you and your family are constantly leaving certain items! Make that be the place it goes. For example, if shoes by the door is a constant tripping hazard, buy a rack for the front of the house, and place your shoes on the rack instead of leaving them all over the floor. This can be done in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom.

2. Use the walls! Hang wall bags and bins with sturdy hooks and organize while you decorate. Organizing doesn’t have to be boring or hidden, there are bins, drawers, and multiple different ways to style your home all the while organizing it.

3. Make a calendar that is accessible for your entire family. Assign chores for areas of the home and give each person a task to complete so nothing is missed.

4. If you have sentimental items you haven’t looked at or used in years, take a picture, and donate them. Don’t hoard things for the possibility of one day using or looking at them. Frame the picture if you have to and move on with decluttering your home.

5. Going paperless might sound like a strange way to organize but it is an easy way to reduce the amount of mail sitting on your counter waiting for you to go through! Set your bills to automatically pay and get alerts when those things occur but leave the paper for more important things, like arts and crafts.

6. Clean one area at a time. It is way too easy to feel overwhelmed in a world that is constantly stimulating you. Pick one area a day or every couple of hours to tackle and organize because if you start with a long list of things chances of you finishing everything drop drastically.

7. Set up an “out the door” area for your home. This is where your commonly used shoes, jackets, bags, and keys are all waiting for you in the morning when you’re rushing and can’t find anything.

8. Make a list, routine, and schedule when you want to clean properly. Make daily lists of areas and tasks that you want to accomplish to ensure that clutter doesn’t pile on top of you.

9. Organize your cleaning supplies! This is one that is way too underrated. If you’re bathroom cleaning supplies and kitchen cleaning supplies are easy to grab, use, and put away it is more likely that you will be able to keep those areas organized and clean.

10. Be sure to make organizing easy for the rest of the family. Keep easy to use bins for kids’ toys, have designated art areas, show them how to put things where they go, and make the organization a positive activity for them.