Should you buy

A robot vacuum?

What Are Robot Vacuums?

Robot vacuums clean up no more or less dirt than another really good handheld vacuum would, so what exactly is the hype? Well, it is important to remember that these robots are designed to clean all sorts of surfaces, including carpet, tile, hardwood floors, and more. The main benefit of a robot vacuum cleaning your floors is the amount of work you no longer have to do to ensure the floors are clean. Robot vacuums allow those of us who try to juggle six different events and 10 different items all at once to worry about one less thing.

Here are 10 benefits of Robot Vacuums. Do you Need One?

1. Easy to Use for Everyone

It’s easy for anyone, including the less tech-savvy to learn how to push one button to get the vacuum started. Simply robot vacuums come with one large button in the middle and a filter area that needs to be cleaned once it has run its course on your surfaces. Easy enough! As the newer models continue to be refined, their incredible simplicity grows and making these devices the easiest robots to use!

2. Efficiency is not lost!

When a robot vacuum is cleaning your home, it is also learning the layout of its surroundings so that each clean becomes more and more efficient. Robot vacuums will learn where their charging stations are and can be programmed to start and stop without you having to remember that the floors need some cleaning.

The way the robot vacuum’s technology can be set to change settings when it changes the type of surface it is cleaning and will effectively clean your floors with its circular motion patterns.

3. Saves You Time

Multitasking is almost a nonstop issue in today’s world; however, with a robot vacuum, it is one less task you have to juggle. The operating system with a robot vacuum allows you to continue along with your schedule while the robot has one completely of its own. With less time having to vacuum spent getting chores and important tasks done you can relax sooner and relax longer!

4. Different Surfaces

You don’t have to have more than one vacuum to clean different surfaces anymore! With this ability, it is easy for homeowners to either purchase one of the robot vacuums that manually adjust their settings when they make their way onto different surfaces (from carpet to hard floor). Making these changes allows your robot vacuum to clean each type of surface much more efficiently without causing you to stress or worry that your floors will be damaged. You can also manually change your robots’ settings with an app on your phone if it doesn’t do it automatically already.

5. Detects Dirt, Dust, and Animal Hair

Not only does your new robot vacuum clean all types of surfaces, but it will also clean up all types of particles. Your floors will be sparkling because a robot vacuum will be able to detect even the smallest amount of dirt embedded into your floors. The robots are decorated with built-in sensors that allow it to repeatedly clean an area until all hair, dirt, or dust has been removed.

6. Set Your Boundaries

If you only want the living room vacuumed, then set your robot to have boundaries! Yes, it is that simple, you can program your robot vacuum to respect your boundaries and clean only where you need it to clean. This is a fantastic setting when you’re having guests come over and just need one area cleaned, when pets are home alone and you don’t want to traumatize them, and when you have one small accident in one area.

7. Small and Easy to Store

You don’t need a lot of space in a home or apartment to have a robot vacuum because they’re so compactable. They can be put in closets, under beds, or furniture in the home. Even with a limited amount of space, these small vacuums allow owners to make the most of their space.

8. Chores go Quicker

It is easy to underestimate how much time proper vacuuming can take up on a Sunday morning! Everyone has a memory of their parent waking them up with the vacuum going on the weekends just waiting for them to wake up to help with the house chores but now that is no longer the case. You have more time to organize that shelf that looks like it hasn’t been touched since you moved in, or the junk closet that may be hiding lost treasure, or maybe your car needs a quick cleanout. All of these things are made much more possible in a quicker time when you have a robot vacuum.

9. Great for the Elderly and Disabled Community

Mobility issues are a real thing as our bodies age and so having a vacuum that cleans on a schedule and moves on its own into small corners can be helpful for elderly individuals who live on their own. Everyone deserves an easy way to keep their home clean. A hands-free cleaner can have liberating effects on the disabled community and can allow them new freedom many of us don’t even realize. Instead of hiring help, this can provide a sense of independence for a large portion of our population.

10. Economical Choice

Automatic hands-free vacuums can help many people save money and get through their tasks quicker so more efficient and money producing work can get done. Robot vacuums last for long periods and produce incredible benefits for long-term efficiency that saves money.