Why Pet Owners Need

Carpet Cleaning Services

This image shows a cat on the sofa.

Pets are a wonderful, fun addition to the family. They’re loving, loyal and can brighten even the worst day.

However, they can cause many problems if you have carpet in your home. Clawing, biting, tracking in dirt, and urinating on your carpet can make cleaning much harder than it needs to be.

This doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your carpet if you have pets. A professional carpet cleaning service can lighten the load on pet owners tremendously.

Here are a few reasons why pet owners should invest in professional carpet cleaning services:

Excess Pet Hair

It’s recommended that your carpet is deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Vacuuming regularly helps remove those loose and dirty particles that are inevitable to prevent with time. The amount of dirt and grime that accrues varies on your lifestyle. Over time no matter how much you vacuum your home you can never fully clean your carpet by just vacuuming. If you dont vacuum that often then you may want to consider scheduling an appointment with a professional carpet cleaner.


No matter how well your pet is trained, accidents happen. From urinating to vomiting, you can’t prevent every accident before it happens.

Immediately trying to clean up urine before it can set in is important. However, many homeowners make the mistake of scrubbing the urine with a cloth instead of blotting it. Scrubbing will only make the stain set in deeper and spread.

When pets get sick and vomit on your carpet, it can stain quickly. A stain left from pet vomit will set in quickly and they’re quite difficult to remove.

Once a pet stain has been left on your carpet, it’s nearly impossible to get out completely on your own. However, a professional carpet cleaner will have all the skills and tools to lift these stains out of your carpet.

Unpleasant Odors

Not only do pet accidents make your carpet look bad, but they will also leave bad odors anywhere an accident happened.

Many homeowners will try to get rid of the smell using perfumed shampoos that only serve to mask the odor and don’t actually eliminate it. They can also cause your carpet to shrink after it dries.

A professional carpet cleaning service is equipped with the tools and knowledge to remove these odors from your carpet. This way, your carpet will not only look great, but it will smell great as well!

These companies have specialized products for removing pet-related stains and odors to make your carpet look and smell new again. The equipment that they use to dry your carpet following the cleaning will also prevent the shrinkage that can occur with store-bought carpet shampooers.

What Next?

For these reasons, it’s important for pet owners to invest in the services of a professional carpet cleaning company from time to time.

If you’re in need of a carpet cleaning service, the team at Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas can have your carpets looking as good as new in no time! From pet stains and odors to food and drink stains, we can do it all!