Why you should consider

Professional pet stain and odor removal

Doing a project yourself can be extremely rewarding. Especially when looking at a task that seems dreadful and tackling it. Really give you that empowering feeling and sense of accomplishment. However, when it comes to tackling a job such as cleaning up pet stains such as urine and odor. This can pose some risks that aren’t worth the suffering if any mistakes are made. 

It’s Not As Simple As It Seems

I’ll explain some reasons as to why cleaning pet stains aren’t so simple if you want to have a healthy and safe home. While cleaning an area that was soiled by a pet accident immediately is wise, note that some cleaning methods often used at home can in fact make the problem you’re so quickly trying to clean, worse. This is mainly because most of the time when trying to clean that spot chemical cleaning solution is overused. This is actually harmful to your pets and family. Although this type of solution rids of the problem from a visual perspective the odor itself isn’t eliminated from deep down. It gets trapped in the padding found beneath the carpet.

Lasting Damage

Pet urine when once dried doesn’t just go away. Pet urine is acidic and extremely potent. When just cleaning the surface you’re leaving behind various types of odor causing crystals are left behind. This is also accompanied by a harmful bacteria such a pneumonia. Over time the crystals become more and more potent as they fester deep within the padding. Resulting in exposure to harmful bacteria and will continue to accumulate and put your family and pets at risk. This is why choosing a professional carpet cleaning company can greatly improve your quality of life. Especially when choosing a company that specializes in the neutralization of pet accidents.