Why is it important

To keep Your Carpet & Upholstery Clean

One question most homeowners ask themselves is, “how important is cleaning my carpet?” Which is a great question because in reality the common folk don’t actually consider there carpet to be their main priority when it comes to upkeep and daily cleaning. If you find yourself cleaning your bathroom more frequently than your carpet you may want to think about a few things. If you’re concerned about your body being clean when using the bathroom, such as taking a bath than you should be equally concerned on the floor you walk on constantly throughout your day.

Germs, Dust, Allergenes

 The amount of bacteria and dust that is stored beneath the visible surface of your carpet may indeed blow your mind. Dust mites and bacteria live deep down in the nitty gritty and if not cleaned properly from time to time can become a health hazard. Carpets are often susceptible to spills, muddy shoes and frequent contact with the outside world. Bacteria thrives in these conditions. So unless you take the proper precautions and perform a deep clean at least once per year, your home can quickly become a playground for bacteria and dust mites.

Upholstery & More

This is also to be equally said about your upholstery. Sofas are the most commonly affected area of the living space that affected. The amount of grease and body fluids that are constantly transferred onto the sofa leads to bacteria growth. It is highly recommended that you tend to your sofa and carpet regularly to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Just be cleaning your carpets and upholstery yourself you’re preventings loads of health risks from happening. Dust and allergens will exist in your home no matter how emmaculate you keep the building.