Tips To Maintain Your

Professionally Cleaned Carpet

This image shows a man using a vacuum to clean a carpet

To Maintain Your Professionally Cleaned Carpet you have your carpet professionally cleaned, you never want to go back to the old life, where the smells and stains were always there. A professionally cleaned carpet is the best breath of fresh air you can have done for you! But what happens after the carpet has been cleaned and you go back to your day in and out routine? Stains and familiar odors seem to creep back onto your carpet! Here are some tips that will help you keep your beautifully cleaned carpet smelling and looking fresh.

  1. Vacuum regularly! After your carpet has been professionally cleaned the number one way to ensure that dirt and debris do not buildup on your surface is by removing the particles! Vacuum regularly and your carpet will be much cleaner than you ever thought possible.
  2. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming! This is a quick extra step to the vacuuming process that is crucial for homes and areas that have children and pets. Baking soda can help contain and eliminate odors so it is important to focus on sprinkling this on areas that may seem to be more odorous than others.
  3. Never leave a spill! Leaving small spills, regardless of what the contents are, is asking for stains. Tackle the issue head-on to avoid stains becoming permanent.
  4. Continuously having a professional come and clean your carpet is the best way to ensure a clean and healthy carpet is kept. Doing the aforementioned will simply ensure that you are not consistently paying for someone to come out, thus, saving you money.
  5. Removing shoes when entering a carpeted area is a great way to reduce the amount of dirt that is tracked in. Encourage family and guests to leave their shoes at the door before entering your space.
  6. Keep food and wine off of vulnerable carpet areas. If children are present be sure that all food and drink are kept in areas that are not carpeted or at the table.
  7. Avoid rubbing spills because they will become stains. Learn about what can be scrubbed and what should be dabbed to avoid stains seeping into the fibers of the carpet and becoming impossible to wash out.
  8. Test cleaners on a small portion of your carpet or a towel before using it on a large area to ensure that the chemicals you have mixed will not damage the entire floor.
  9. Doormats are another way to ensure that your carpet stays clean. If keeping your family’s and guests’ shoes at the door is impossible or unmanageable, then simply put mats at the doors and ask everyone who enters to clean off their shoes.