Simple Cleaning

Routine for Any Schedule

This image shows a woman relaxing on a sofa.

It is important to put yourself on a schedule when it comes to daily tasks. When you’re cleaning there are ways to ensure that important chores and house tasks are complete without having to get everything done at once. Many people think they are productive cleaners and don’t really need to put themselves on a daily schedule; however, here are some key reasons why schedules always work!

Why Make a Cleaning Schedule?

  • Stop frantically cleaning! This is ineffective and unnecessarily stressful.
  • Share the responsibilities! If you do not live alone then stop cleaning alone.

  • Reduce stress! When your house isn’t clean you naturally become more irritable because things just don’t seem right. Keeping a consistent schedule can help reduce the stress that a mess can create.

  • Greater Efficiency! When you have a plan, you can clean it better. You know what to spend time on and what to leave for another time.

  • Fight procrastination! When you have the plan written out it becomes easier to refrain from procrastinating.

Here are some suggestions on getting yourself on a cleaning schedule:

  • Determine the Length of Time You Have to Dedicate.
    Sometimes, we only have 30 minutes spare because we have 100 other things going for us on any given day of the week and that is okay. Decide what you need to get done Monday-Friday and give yourself an allotted amount of time to. Complete that task. For example, if you need to clean the bathroom Monday afternoon, but only have 30 minutes to do so, set a timer for that amount of time, and start cleaning. Once the timer goes off, stop and move on to the rest of your day.

  • List Everything Out.
    Making a plan is the same thing as prioritizing a list. Determine what tasks you need to have done and when you want them done by creating detailed lists. This is also helpful for other members of the household so you’re not stuck cleaning for everyone on your own.

  • Determine Your Frequency.
    It is important to know how many times a week you want a certain task repeated. The dishes, for example, are done daily if not more, but cleaning the bathroom can be a weekly or every other day task. Determine what is important to you and when you want those things completed.

  • Assign Others to Tasks
    Don’t allow yourself to stress about the entire house when others live in the shared space. Assign tasks to others who are capable of cleaning up behind themselves and future guests.

  • Write it All Down
    Putting tasks in writing makes them feel personal, real, and important. Write down daily or weekly tasks to ensure that you and others remember that these are important to finish whenever they are needed.

  • Stick to It
    Be your biggest cheerleader! Cleaning isn’t fun for anyone. Sure, we enjoy the aftermath of a clean space, but the act of cleaning isn’t “fun.” So, play some music, listen to an audiobook, play your podcast, and cross those tasks off of your list.