How You Can Remove

Coffee Stains from Carpet

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Sometimes, your coffee doesn’t fully make it to your mouth and instead makes it to your nice carpet! Having a stained carpet can be extremely distracting and unquestionably annoying. With the internet these days, you can find tons of DIY remedies so below you will find different takes for every case. So, to minimize the lasting effects of an annoyingly distractive coffee stain, here are some tips:

  • Coldwater! It is that simple. When the stain is fresh a quick dash to the sink and a white dry cloth can be all you need to ensure what looks like a stain in progress is nothing more than a quick inconvenience. This is only suggested if the stain is fresh.
  • Vinegar is one of the most versatile products, that most people keep in their kitchen. This is a fantastic option because the acid in the vinegar degrades the coffee stain. Before you begin, be sure to mix vinegar with some cool water and dip a towel into the mixture as you are beginning cleaning from the outside in. 
  • Shaving cream, yes, you saw right, shaving cream. Some of these mixtures contain ingredients like surfactants and cleansing additives that are found in common household soaps. The process is simple, rub, rinse, repeat! 
  • Baking soda is a classic choice. It can be abrasive and relentless when it concerns coffee stains but that is exactly what you want. Mix your baking soda with water and begin scrubbing until the stain has disappeared. 
  • Beer can have more than one use. Rub some beer on the area where the coffee has been spilled and begin to lightly dab on the surface, repeat this as much as is needed until the stain disappears.

There are some fabrics when it comes to a carpet that may need a little bit more specific instruction:

  • Natural fabrics! Some of these carpets may simply need cold water immediately after the stain or spill has happened. 
  • Nylon and olefin are some popular material options for carpets that tend to be stain resistant. It is important to ensure after you have cleaned up the spill that moisture has been completely absorbed because the carpet may begin to grow mold if trapped moisture is not removed. 
  • Polyester typically requires white vinegar and white. Mix equal parts water and vinegar and always start cleaning the stain from the outside inward.

If none of these home remedies seem to be doing you and your stain justice than it might be time to contact a professional to help you with your annoyingly distractive stain! Check out these other areas we can be found on the web!