How to Tell if Your

Carpet Has Mold

This image shows a carpet.

The presence of mold anywhere in your home can be a major problem. Mold is a significant health concern for you and your family. As the mold continues to grow, it will spread throughout your space contaminating it.

Unfortunately, carpets can harbor mold. If you have carpet in your home, you should keep a lookout for the signs of mold.

It can be hard to know if mold is growing in your carpet. Continue reading to learn some of the signs that mold may be growing in your carpet.

Damp Carpet

Spills, leaks, or anything else that can leave damp spots on your carpet can lead to the growth of mold. If you see or feel any damp areas on your carpet, you should try to find the source of the moisture and address it immediately.

Most of the time, it’s as simple as a spill. However, if there’s an underlying issue, you will need to have it fixed because constant dampness creates the perfect environment for mold to flourish.

Once the source of the wetness is fixed, you’ll need to have your carpet treated to remove any presence of mold. Basement carpet is particularly susceptible to mold growth due to the damp conditions that basements are known for.

Increased Allergies

Mold has been know to trigger allergies and affect the respiratory system. When mold is growing in your home, the particles will become airborne and start to adversely affect you and your family’s health.

If you or your family have been experiencing an increase in allergies, breathing issues, or even bronchitis, the presence of mold could be in your home’s carpets. It can be a good idea to consider treating your carpets if you’re experiencing these issues to rule out the presence of mold and stop these problems from becoming worse.

Musty Smells in Your Home

Lingering, musty odors in your home can lead to several problems. They can cause allergies and make your home unpleasant to live in. However, it is possible that you’ve become accustomed to this odor over time and may have trouble noticing it.

If you do notice a musty smell or if your visitors tell you that your home smells must, you could have mold. You should check your carpet for any moist or damp spots, as we mentioned earlier. It’s also possible for mold to grow underneath your carpets, contributing to the musty smells.

If your home is becoming musty, have a professional come to check your carpets for the presence of mold and treat them accordingly.

What Next?

If any or all of these signs are present in your home, there is a significant chance that you have mold growing in your carpet. You will need to have your carpet treated to eliminate the mold and protect your family from the dangers of mold.

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If you think mold is growing in your carpet, give us a call today!