How To Properly Care For

Leather Upholstery

This image shows a clean living room.

Leather furniture is a popular addition to make a home look sleek and modern. Proper care and maintenance are essential to preserving the look and feel of leather.

Caring for this type of furniture can seem daunting at first. However, once you understand the do’s and don’t’s of leather upholstery, it’s simple!

Continue reading to see some helpful hints on caring for your leather upholstery.

Location is Everything

Leather is highly susceptible to scratches and cracking. The best way to prevent this from happening is by keeping your leather furniture away from locations that could cause this.

Extreme conditions will quickly wear down leather upholstery. Locations that are in direct sunlight will cause the leather to crack fairly quickly. Places that are overly cold will have the same effect.

It’s important to keep your leather furniture in a spot where the temperature is regulated and that avoids direct sunlight.

Avoid Eating or Drinking

When it comes to leather furniture, eating and drinking while sitting on the couch are not recommended. Spilled food or drink can leave stains that are impossible to get out of this fine material.

Clean Spills Immediately

Despite our best efforts to keep food and drink away from the furniture, accidents do happen.

If something was accidentally spilled on your leather upholstery, it’s important to clean it up as quickly as possible. If the spill is allowed to remain on the leather, it will seep into the leather and permanently stain it.

To remove stains from hard-to-get-out liquids such as wine or coffee, blot the area with a damp cloth. Next, wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth. Do your best to not spread the spill as this will spread the stain as well.

You can also use a mild cleaning liquid such as leather shampoo or a mild detergent. If the stain simply will not come out using these techniques, you may need to hire a professional to avoid damaging the leather upholstery.

Routine Cleanings

Dust accumulates quickly on leather upholstery and is easy to see, especially on a darker colored leather. You can wipe your leather furniture down with a damp cloth regularly to keep this dust from building up.

You can also vacuum leather furniture to remove dust quickly. Just be sure to a slower speed and use a soft brush attachment to avoid scratching the leather.

Professional Cleaning Services

Leather can be damaged easily and irreversibly. If you doubt your ability to clean your leather upholstery without damaging it, you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

It’s also advised to hire a professional if you feel that you don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the maintenance of your leather furniture.

Hiring a professional cleaning service will ensure that your leather upholstery gets cleaner and lasts longer.