How To Get Your

Home Clean And Keep It That Way

This image shows a living room it has a carpet.

Do you ever wonder how that family member or that friend always just has their house put together? How on earth do they keep their home spotless around the clock? Well, the secret to keeping a clean house might surprise and bother you, routine. That’s right! The answer to consistently keeping your home clean is making a routine of it.

Here are quick and easy tips for keeping your home clean:

1. Start Every Day by Making Your Bed

Making your bed is not a waste of time! Contrary to popular belief, waking up and making your bed sets the tone for the rest of the day, including the tone of the rest of your home. Make it a habit for you and the rest of your family. Simplify your bedding if you dread making it daily but this is a must.

2. Keep the Laundry Going

It is never a good idea to leave all of the laundries for the last minute. Don’t leave 10 loads for folding and putting away for one day. If you do one load per day, the amount of clothing needing your attention is reduced, which by default, will also reduce the amount of time it takes you to complete laundry! It is much easier mentally and physically to simply keep a consistent cycle of laundry going.

3. Clean Enough is Clean

Sometimes we want to apply our all or nothing mentality to a clean home and that is where we fail. Sometimes having 30 minutes to clean is good enough. Cleaning the kitchen one day but not getting to the bathroom right after should not mean that you forgo cleaning both spaces all at once. Clean enough somedays is good enough.

4. Prioritize

Without picking and choosing on a daily basis, you will struggle with procrastination and clear unmotivating feelings. Pick specific tasks to complete on specific days to keep your clean streak moving forward at all times. Prioritizing the living room on days you have guests can be more beneficial than prioritizing your drawers for that day.

5. Always Plan Time

Know how much time you have! Don’t mentally dedicate 2-hours to cleaning the entire house when you only have 30-minutes to spare on cleaning for the day!

6. How Many People :ive in Your Home?