3 Solutions for

Carpet Stain Removal

This image shows a spilled wine on a carpet.

We all have them and we all get them! Over time, our carpets begin to show signs of wear through various stains that begin to appear more and more frequently. Carpet stains do not have to be a cause for concern or panic when there are quick and easy ways to remove them from your carpet. Here are quick and easy tips on how to remove and prevent future stains:

Before the Stain.

When you first have a spill, be proactive in cleaning it up! This will ensure that you do not end up with an avoidable stain. The best and quickest steps to take when a liquid is spilled are:

  • Soak up the spill with a rag, paper towel, or washcloth.

  • Place the towel of choice firmly on top of the spill and blot around as needed.
  • Over time the blot will begin to dry so when that happens, grab a white rag of some sort, and blot the area where the spill occurred to ensure that there isn’t any remaining liquid in the rug.

  • If simply drying the area removed the possible threat of a stain, congratulations! If the stain is still present it is time to use carpet safety cleaners.

Post Stain.

Sometimes spills happen without our knowledge and in those moments that we need to be prepared to handle deeper and harder stains by:

  • Lightly wetting the stain with warm water
  • Using light soaps for small stains that simply need a little rub

  • For large stains use pet and child friend cleaning products to lightly rub the recently dampened area.

  • If possible, aggressively blot the area with a carpet safe cleaner and allow the cleaner to sit for a short period and then rinse the area completely.
  • While the spot dries try to keep children and pets from stepping or laying in that area.


Quick at-home cleaners for stains that are still removable include a detergent solution which requires a teaspoon of dishwashing soap into a cup of water. Another great at-home solution is a vinegar solution when mixed on a cup of white vinegar with two cups of white vinegar. Using popular mainstream products or homemade products can both result in the same solution, a removed stain!

Or, Hire a Professional.

In the end, we can only do so much with the knowledge that we have. Do not fear to call a professional team to treat an area of your carpet that is being stubborn. A professional team can help remove stains and keep them from ever taking hold.