17 Incredibly Simple Tips

To Keep Your House Clean (That You Can Do Today)

Keeping your home regularly can be tough if you have kids, pets, roommates, a busy schedule, and/or long-term guests in your home! Understandably, you won’t have many seconds to spare by the end or even at the beginning of your day.

Make a Schedule

A daily schedule is important because it reduces the stress brought on by a large and/or long list that spans an entire week. Make your lists practical and easy to do right then and there so you can start crossing tasks off of your list from daybreak until the evening without even thinking about it!

You can have one general list in your kitchen where all tasks are listed, or you can have the tasks that need to be completed in each space listed there! For example, if your task is to make the bed, then write that task somewhere in your bedroom so you can mark it off before walking out!

Other task ideas to keep your home clean include:

  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper.
  • Do one load of laundry and run the dish washer simultaneously
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and put items in their places
  • Wipe down X number of surfaces and then switch to different ones the following day

Get Your Kids On Board

If your kids are older and you didn’t start them young, here are reasonable and daily tips that you can start implementing with them the moment you walk through the door!

  • Make them a part of the cleaning solution NOT the problem. Children, regardless of their age, do not want to feel blamed for something they don’t see as a problem!
  • Set realistic expectations! Make their job to clean up after themselves regularly before adding family tasks like vacuuming or mopping.
  • Be extremely specific! Regardless of age, paint the picture and give examples.
  • If your kiddos are young, play some music and act like you’re enjoying the cleaning and they will too!
  • If you have multiple youngsters, make cleaning a game!
  • Put it in writing and show them how to mark it off.

Come Up With Incentives

Sometimes, you just need your kids to help you around the house and you don’t have time to make it into a fun game or have the energy to argue about what should and shouldn’t be done.

A hectic work and life schedule do get in the way periodically, so these are the times when an incentive needs to be given!

  • Offer their favorite food for breakfast or dinner for helping.
  • Allow an extra hour of staying up late.
  • Give them more TV for that day.
  • Sometimes, money, if they’re older.
  • Allow them to choose a reward within reasonable means.